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It is online the internet site, it is the most important Double worldwide database created by an almost twenty-year experience of the Alex Carrera Group show-broker agency.

Cinema, Music, Fashion, Sport, History, Politic, TV: these Doubles, carefully selected by the Alex Carrera Group, come from 5 different Continents that is to say Africa, America, Brazil and Europe. Professionals as well as artists still green, they are identical or absolutely alike to important persons of worldwide show-business.

The Doubles at the moment numbered in the site are more then 700 but everyday this database goes under updating and new artists can be found, and many more are presented in our archives (about 4000) which we didn't put in our online database. It is possible to choose among different professions with the possibility to have an imitation of just the the physical resemblance up to the capability to imitate the famous person in everything, voice as well as gestures. Some Doubles have their own repertory, it is like a real show to be presented in occasion of conventions or parties. XY, Canadian, he is Frank Sinatra, he sings from life with an orchestra of 60 components and he performs himself in the most renowned Casino worldwide. There are also some Doubles of the divine Marylin Monroe, but few of them are really exceptional. Barbara Streisand comes from the States, Celin Dion is French.

The site has been created with a double aim, sure to be a reference point for those who have the desire to work in the show-business as Doubles of famous figures while on the other hand to make available to those in the known, foreign and Italian Companies, advertising Agencies, Sales Promotion, recording Companies and production Companies, the Doubles at once usable.

The site is structured in simple and essential thematic areas and it is very easy to read and to consult. It contains all necessary information for finding Doubles; directly from the home page it is possible to enter in a rapid search area for finding a specific Double of a VIP or to enter in the Gallery for choosing among the hundred of numbered Doubles in the site.

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